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"Blood in the Streets" Book Launch

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

I am very pleased to announce that a book launch for my latest publication Blood in the Streets: Histories of Violence in Italian Crime Cinema (Edinburgh University Press) will take place at Bournemouth University on Wednesday April 3rd 2019. The event will be jointly sponsored by Edinburgh University Press and the Centre for Media History, and will take place in room F305 (Fusion Building) at 5pm. If you would like to come along, please email me (address at the bottom of this page) and I'll add you to the guest list.

Blood in the Streets investigates the various ways in which 1970s Italian crime films were embedded in their immediate cultural and political contexts. The book analyses the emergence, proliferation and distribution of a range of popular film cycles (or filoni) - from conspiracy thrillers and vigilante films, to mafia and serial killer narratives - and examines what these reveal about their time and place. With industrial conditions geared around rapid production schedules and concentrated release patterns, the engagement in these films with both the contemporary political turmoil of 1970s Italy and the traumas of the nation's recent past offers a range of fascinating insights into the wider anxieties of this decade concerning the Second World War and its ongoing political aftermath.

I will be giving a short introduction to the book's contents, and presenting some excerpts from the films under consideration. Here's a taster:


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